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2000.05---WANTRADE was established in Weifang City of China as a manufacturing company of Snowmelt Agent for Anti-freezing industry. Snow Melt Agents of Rock Salt were exported to Japan in the same year.
2008.03---The second factory Snow Melt Agents Factory was founded in Laizhou City, China.
2009.03--- Calcium Chloride went into production in the factory of Weifang City. The product is made from the effluents of soda ash production. Calcium Chloride Dehydrate 74 % min Flakes and Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 94 % min are our major product. The Annual Capacity of Calcium Chloride reached to 80,000MT, with Exporting Volume up to 60,000MT every year. And the products are widely used in oil drilling, food producing, road de-icing and anti-dust etc.
2010.05---Magnesium Chloride went into production in the factory of Binhai Development Area. The Annual Capacity of Magnesium Chloride reached to 30,000MT, with Exporting Volume up to 20,000MT every year.
2010.06---We began doing the business of Sodium Carbonate, Urea,SodiumBromide,Sodium Pyrosulfite,Calcium Bromide, Sodium Bromide, which are mainly used in Gas & Oil Drilling.
2014.03---The second factory Calcium Chloride Factory was founded in Laizhou City, China.


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